Something Special

    Hey Yall,

I’ve decided to check in and let you all know what is going on with my life. I am currently tied up finishing my love, my world, my soul, well…. MY ALBUM. I know its taking a little time but its something that is very real coming from my heart. I am blessed to know that whatever is created on this project will be 100% Laura Michelle. My team, including myself believe that my better work comes from the world from my eyes. I went through some past negative things in my life (like we all) and for a moment it was hard from me to continue using my pen. Funny right?  The ONE thing that could make me happy, would only continue to make me sad.  Now understand, I was still able to write a few of those  hurting songs in which a couple are probably bangaaaz, but I didn’t want to sulk in unhappiness, so I put the pen down for a minute. I will go into detail about that in another diary cutout. The point is, I am working on an album depicting some fun, sad, depressing, extravagant, confident, and fun elements in my life. I am preparing something very special for you all. In the mean time, I will be releasing some more music to iTunes (Never Be and My Dreams are doing great), you can also see what I’m doing on my blog, stay tuned for my next show, or follow me on twitter @mylauramichelle and see what I’m up to.

Love Always

              Laura Michelle xoxo

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