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Studio Flow

Hey y’all! I’m still cooking up some great new music to share with you all. I’m really excited, and can’t

May 22, 2013
Cray Cray wit B Day!

Had so much fun in New Orleans shopping with Brittany today. My best friend always knows how to put a

May 12, 2013
lovin this black hair!

My hair has been blonde, reds, many different browns, and even pink tips one point. Currently, this black hair is

March 25, 2013
little blue dress

Ready for a night out on the town Mardi Gras weekend in New Orleans! ; )

February 13, 2013
2012 Rap Up!

Hey y’all! 2012 was an interesting year and I feel like it went by so fast. I’m thankful that I

December 27, 2012
My Christmas!

I had such a blessed Christmas this year and i’m just thankful I was able to spend it with my

December 26, 2012
Ocean Prime Atl!

I love eating at Ocean Prime in Atlanta.    

December 6, 2012
visible light..

When you know things, sometimes staying quiet protects you…

October 22, 2012
Camera Ready!

I’m in New Orleans doing a little shooting for something exciting!

August 12, 2012
high tie…
August 6, 2012